Are you stuck in life?

We all have gifts and talents given by Our Creator and God.

So do I and I am called to guide and coach people who are willing to give their life in the Hands of the Lord Jesus Christ.

People who want to live in their calling here on earth.

I usually am approached by people who, like myself, have had many problems, much pain and a lot of suffering in the past.

Know that the Lord Jesus Christ will set you free from the past according to Romans 8.28 until 39.

We are here to help you with the Guidance of the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ for free!!!

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After I had some health issues in 2017 because I did not eat healthy for 28 years, I asked help from the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Holy Spirit told me to eat green smoothies. When, subsequently, I  read Genesis 1.29 It was clear to me that I first had to repent, because I had not been eating vegetables at all since I was 20 years old.


Fast forward:  I met my wife and I taught her to eat plantbased as well.

Later the Holy Spirit told me that this is her calling to help people with health problems and that they will become sponsors for the Orphans and street children.


So we prayed so much for this and now she already has a Facebook group with more than 5000 followers.

Called Medical Medium Volgers.

Feel free to contact us. 

Johan & Naomi:  Our daily live with God

On this page we give testimonies about our daily live with God as we try to fulfill our calling from God:

The Year 2022 started with a big announcement: in the Norwegian newsletters.

This article describes our history and our calling. It helps us spreading the news about our children families and offers new opportunities. 

English version: Article_engl.pdf

Dutch version:    Article_dutch.pdf



10.01.2022 Testimony:   Wood for food


16.01.2022 Testimony:  A wild night in Norway