Dear Friends of CFG,

This is your chance to save the lives of thousands and even millions of children.

From the start of the calling in December 2017 the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ told me never to ask for money or donations.

Since 2018, when my wife joined, it has been possible to support more children in Agape Family in Rwanda and later Shalom Family in Rwanda was added as well. 

In 2020 we sold our appartment and rented many houses and grounds to keep the children alive.

Since June 2021 we have been allowed to receive gifts and that is the reason for offering you this chance.

You can be a weekly sponsor to bless the Families with Daily Food.

The 2 Families are selfsufficient.

They grow their own food and they have a rainwater collector.


Supporting the Orphans and Street children in Rwanda.

Because of bad weather conditions the last months much Harvest was destroyed.

Last October 2021 there was a lack of food and the children could only eat 1 time a week.

We received a big donation and we start to buy much seeds to bring more food on the table for the children.

By renting grounds with Harvest like Bean's, Potatoes and Bananas the children can now eat 4 times a week. 

More and more streetchildren are coming to Agape Family because of the rough weather and many orphanages are closed because lack of sponsors.

We heard very sad stories from the children about their streetlife and hardships in orphanages.

We are so blessed to help Agape Family to give those poor and sad children a new life with Christ and food on their plate!!!

Thank you for your heart for the children, God Will bless you for your prayers and donations.


Ways to Support and Help the Children in CFY:

Your prayers are always needed.

By sharing this website and our messages online.

Telling about CFY in church, school, sportclub, workplace.

There are many ways to collect money for our children.


The gifts from 03.05 till 24.05.2023

Dear Friends of CFY,

As promised, we provide an update on the expenditure/distribution of the
gifts from 03.05 to 24.05. 

Once again the Father/Yahuah has blessed us with His miracles.
Thank you Lord! 
You are SO GOOD!!! 
We thank You, we praise You and we glorify You! 
All for Your Name, honor and glory!

Previously Agape Family has been on the verge of collapse for a long time, but we now see her becoming a greater Blessing every week for the local middle class and for the population.
That's an answer to prayer πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™

With 4002 children.

On 07.05 we heard that the owners of the drugstore, where Agape Family buys hygiene items on credit, were in trouble.
The floods in Rwanda destroyed a wall of their house and flooded the entire house.

They didn't want to bother Agape Family with this, but after a few days they decided to share it with JP.

After prayer, we sent a gift to Jean-Pierre on 09.05.
With this gift the house could be repaired and our credit was paid off.

The people were so happy that they offered us another credit for 360 bars of soap and 300 packs of sanitary napkins.

Great collaboration and a practical way to bless each otherπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™

These materials keep the large school campus clean and hygiene is guaranteed.

On 13.05 Jules asked Johan to help him with money. 
He and others now have to pay extra taxes, which has to do with the damage of the floods that have ravaged Rwanda and that have deeply affected the population.

At that time we, as CFY, could not send a donation.
On 16.05 Jean Pierre went to Jules to bring food.
What a miracle that this, once rich man, now could be helped by Agape Family.
Jean Pierre gave Jules:
65 kg Beans and 40 kg Potatoes.

Jules and his son were so happy that, after prayer, they gave their lives to Yeshua/the Lord Jesus Christ and they also were baptized in the river by JP.

Right after Jules gave JP
10 buckets and 450 plastic plates for free.

Plus another credit for 160 buckets and 450 plastic plates.

That only is possible with our Heavenly Father Yahuah πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™


Rwanda is having a hard time and we notice that as well. 
All owners were calling JP and they asked if we had money for them.
After prayer and after receiving The Wisdom of our Heavenly Father "Yahuah", Johan experienced to bless everyone with an equal share.

On 24.05 it was time and we were able to bless the shops that gave us credit.

* The owners of the 9
* Jules
* Beans and seed
* Landowners No 11
* Landowners No 15
* Drugstore
* Supplier of the metal

Thank you for your prayers, for your support and for your heart for CFY.

Keep sharing our info and messages so that we can bless the children even more and they, in turn, may be a blessing in Rwanda.

We believe that our messages reach the right people πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™


Other options to support us are:

NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28
Helping the street children




For Agape Family in Rwanda:

•Continue to sow all plots of land so that the 4.002 children have and keep enough food.

• We also continue to pray that the container full of clothes, beds and mattresses may finally go to Agape Family.

Glory to Our Heavenly Father who arranges everything within CFGπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™.

The manager of the bank, who embezzled the money, has been arrested and is in prison. He turned out to have made at least five other victims.

For Shalom Family:

Protection for the house and the 260 children due to the bad weather, the grounds are under water and harvest is destroyed.

That the harvests are protected from the floods.


We thank the Lord Jesus Christ / Yeshua for all of you😘.
All 4.262 children are praying for all of you and they are immensely grateful to the intercessors and givers.

We always pass on all the names of CFG's friends to the children.
We also expect their prayers to bless you in your needsπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™.

Feel free to share your testimony here.
We see and hear that the Lord works miracles through the prayers of the childrenπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™

Will you join us in praying for all of the above and for the well-being of the children?

All donations, large and small, are more than welcome. If you can't give anything, no problem, keep praying for us and please share all our posts.

The Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ will then point out and touch the right people to be a blessing to CFG.

God's Rich Blessings on all of us.

Thanks for sharing our info. in πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ and πŸ‡±πŸ‡Ί


We use the donations for:

The donations, this time, will be used to pay off the current credits properly.

We see that the retailers trust us because they offer CFY more credits.

These are the current credits:

•Metal plates
•9 cows
•Cleaning & hygiene items
•Seed Potatoes and Beans
•Three pieces of ground: 11, 15,17
•4003 drinking cups
•80 large buckets
•700 kg of seed potatoes extra, a strong testimony πŸ’ͺ

Current opportunities to support us are:

NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28
Helping the street children


WISE πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡³πŸ‡±


We have many testimonies about Gods Goodness as our Heavenly Father.

You can see and listen Them on our Telegram Channel.





You can send your gifts, donations and heritages:

By wire transfer:


J.R.S. Langenberg

NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28.


Subject: "Helping the street children"






By Wise:



Thank You For Giving To The Lord ..from Ray Boltz