Calling From Yahuah

Gods Heart is with The Orphans, Widows, Poor and Needy!!!






Welcome to this website; here we share details about Johan's divine calling to care for orphans, street children and widows.

At the moment the workfield is in Rwanda and Johan believes and he expects that many countries will follow because tough times are coming.


We would like to start with a brief explanation of names like Yahuah and Yahushua, which you find on this website.

It is not our intention to force others to use these names as well.

We all are in our own process and the Holy Spirit will reveal it to each in His time.


Yahuah? God? Do you have to be a believer to read this website?
No, our Heavenly Father can use/deploy anyone as He pleases.

Just read Johan's testimony (see “Johan's Calling by God/Yahuah” below). You will learn how he came to believe in God/Yahuah and how he, then, devoted his whole life to Him. As a result he became a follower of Jesus Christ/Yahushua.


Who are Yahuah, Yahushua and The Holy Spirit?

All over the world people have different names for Yahuah. In the Netherlands many people say God.
Others say our Heavenly Father, our Creator, Yahweh, Jehovah or God of Israel.
Most importantly, we all know that He is the only true God and that the Bible is His word.
Similarly His Son Yahushua (shortened Yeshua), whom many know as Jesus Christ, is called differently all over the world.

Think of Our Lord, Son of the Living God, the Living Word, the Alpha and the Omega, Yeshua, King and Saviour.
The Name Yahushua means "Yahuah/God saves".

The Holy Spirit, who you receive after accepting Jesus Christ/Yahushua as your Savior, is also given different Names. For example, in Hebrew He is called Ruach Hakodesh.

If you are an unbeliever, as many of us once were, you will probably need some explanation.
Yahuah loved the people, He created, so much that He wanted none to perish, but for each to have eternal life with Him.
He then sent His Son, Yahushua, to earth to be crucified and thereby to give His life for our sins against our Father and Creator.
When people accept Yahushua as their Savior, the Holy Spirit comes to live in them.
The Holy Spirit works through people to transform them into the image of Yahushua, if they are open for it.
One of the ways in which the Holy Spirit can lead is by talking to people, as He does with Johan all day long. What the Holy Spirit says comes from Yahushua and is inspired by Yahuah.


Johan's Calling from Yahuah.

Johan had lived in darkness for a long time, far away from Yahuah.
His grandmother was the only one in his family who read the Bible and who prayed.

In 2006 he owned an erotic club and he sold sex articles in clubs and to the prostitutes. One day he was approached by a Polish customer, aged 60+, who told him that he did not belong in the world he was working in and that he had to pray. He did not even know to whom, so he asked her. She told him that he would find out.
At that time, for a few weeks, he had been having problems to pay the rent for a large warehouse, which he used for his club. Nobody knew about this. One night in may it started to splash and Johan shouted to Yahuah, “Are you there?
Then show yourself!” He says that, immediately, the rain got more intense combined with thunderstorms and lightning.
Johan then yelled again at Yahuah “This is not what I need! I need money!"
Within 15 minutes he received a call from a customer and he made a lot of money that night.
At three o'clock, that same night, Johan was awakened by a soft Voice that later turned out to be the Voice of the Holy Spirit. “Johan, count your money,” The Voice said. Johan did as he was instructed and it was EXACTLY the rent of the warehouse; 1,325 euros. As soon as he realized this, Johan fell on his knees and he said: “God, here I am. Do with me what You want. I totally surrender to You”. At this moment he received the Holy Spirit, without asking, and he suddenly spoke in tongues. 
His life changed drastically from then on.

In 2009 the club was closed by the Hand of Yahuah.

In September 2012 The Holy Spirit, miraculously, guided Johan to a (Brazilian) church. The pastor told him that he, as the first white man in the church, was an answer to his prayers, after which he gave Johan his own bible.

You see that it took six years to bring Johan to a church and to the bible. This upset him so much that he cried out to Yahuah; "everybody, who listens to my voice and everybody who looks in my eyes, will come closer to you". Ofcourse Yahuah heard the cry of his heart and He still is acting on it today. 

November 16th 2013, Johan's life changed forever after he accepted Yahushua as his Lord and Savior and he so became one of His followers/disciples. Johan devoted his whole life and his heart to Him.

8 Days later he was baptized in water in his second church. 
From that moment Yahuah separated Johan from the world, from his job, from his family and from his friends. In that time he was in the school of Yahuah and he learned to only trust Him. Yahuah was his daily provider and Johan learned to be guided by the inner voice of The Holy Spirit. Many miracles and testimonies came out of this period. 

Start of Calling from Yahuah (Calling from God)

In the middle of 2017, Johan again cried out to his Heavenly Father when he wanted to know what Yahuah's calling was for him.
At that time he already had received several prophecies, dreams and visions.
When Johan talks about this, he indicates that this was an intense time;
For months he has begged, cried, fasted and prayed to Yahuah.

He's even been stamping on the floor shouting “I need to know before the end of the year!
I need to know before the end of the year!” It was intense, he says.
Anything to find out his calling; the reason why he was/is on this earth. 
This is what the Almighty Creator wants to see from us; That we mean it!!!
Of course Yahuah heard him, and He answered.

And so it happened that one night Johan, by the Holy Spirit, was led to Derek Prince’s book: “Discover God’s heart for the needy, Orphans, Widows, the Poor and Oppressed”.

He read the book that night. When he finished, tears streamed down his cheeks.
He had his answer: His Heavenly Father had put him on earth to support His orphans and street children in every possible way.
Looking back at his old life, Johan says that it all made sense; He had always had a thing for Africa and his parents called him “John the Baptist” when he was about 8 years old.
In the Bible, John the Baptist was sent before Yahushua to prepare the way for him (Mark 1:1-9).
John the Baptist received the Holy Spirit while still in the womb.
The way in which Johan received the Holy Spirit is unusual as well.


The Families of Calling from Yahuah:

There were 3 families, but when people deviate from the guidance of the Holy Spirit and thus become unreliable, Yahuah's plan cannot come to completion. 
The Holy Spirit has told Johan that Calling from Yahuah will become great, so these 2 families are just the beginning.
Below you can briefly read about the families. For more detailed information, such as about the origin, about the background and about the many miracles that the Father has done (such as raising hundreds of children from the dead several times), see the page “Families”.


Start of Agape family:

In 2015, The Holy Spirit had instructed Johan to create a Facebook account and Johan and Jean Pierre met each other via Facebook messenger. 
On December 1st 2017, the year in which Johan cried out to Yahuah, he met Jean Pierre online in a supernatural way.

Because Johan had met many Africans online, who asked money to feed their siblings and who later turned out to be unreliable, he was a bit hesitant.

However, The Holy Spirit told him to give his last 20 euro's to help Jean Pierre and his halfsister "Isimbi" (who, at that time, was only 3,5 years old). Furthermore Johan was instructed to take care of them from that moment on. 

At the time of the first chat, Jean Pierre and Isimbi had already been eating mud for 3 days to stay alive.

Johan had to insist several times to get Jean Pierre's payment details, so he knew that this 24-year-old man could be trusted. And ,as we see so often with Yahuah, Jean Pierre shared that Johan was an answer to their prayer.

The next day Johan got a vision about a big house with a lot of African children. They were in a big garden full with fruittrees and there even was a cow.

Later Jean Pierre told Johan that he had been praying for 12 (!) years to start an orphanage. He also became an orphan himself.

At a young age he lost his father, who was killed in prison, and his mother also died of an illness (due to lack of help).

Shortly after the creation of that Divine connection, Jean Pierre started to meet streetchildren everywhere and he became the leader of Agape family.

So, within 6 months, the vision of Johan became reality; what a Miracle from our Heavenly Father.
At present, Agape family is the largest family with 4,002 ex-orphans and ex-street children. Their ages range from 2 to 24 years old and Jean Pierre still is the leader.

Agape Family consists of different teams, like the cooking team, the washing team and the team that takes care of the little children.
All 4002 children have accepted Yahushua as their God and their Savior and they want to follow Him daily.

Johan and Naomi have been given the daily task of supporting JP in many ways and of guiding him so all children stay close to Yahuah.

Number of children in the families:

Due to positive and negative events, the numbers of children are constantly changing.
For example, new children are added to Agape family and in January 2023, Jean Pierre had to bury 555 and 526 children. We also had to say goodbye to 3436 children who had no respect for Yahushua, for Johan and for Jean Pierre. They caused riots, they attacked Jean Pierre many times, they stole his phone, they stole 66 cooking pots and they took potatoes out of the ground . The latter has caused a great famine followed by the loss of many lives.
In general, the lives of the children are lost due to food shortages, extreme weather conditions and terrible decisions made by people who have no heart for the children. There even was a time when Agape family counted 10,233 children, including 2,159 helpers and Jean Pierre.

Johan meets his wife Naomi:

Unlike Johan, Naomi did grow up with believing parents. Her father was a Messianic Jew from Israel.
During her childhood, however, she had little interest in faith life. At the age of 26 she moved from Uden to Amsterdam (Bijlmer) for work. Her worldly life became more and more complete, but she was looking for more. At that time, many people of African descent lived in the Bijlmer. Many of them are Spiritual in some way.

One day she was approached on the street by two men who asked her why she was smiling and if she had seen Jesus. She told them that she believed in God, but that she did not have much feeling with Jesus.

Subsequently they invited her to come to their church, to which she went. Naomi indicates that the services did something with her, but that she actually was mainly interested in the male gender. Life went on as usual on Monday.

In fact, she thought she was doing very well in life and that God, as far as she had an idea with Him, would be quite pleased with her. One thing, she knew, was not right and that was her dealings with men. She wanted a stable partner in her life to start a family and then her life would be complete.

At the same time she experimented with New Age. For example, she read books about mindfulness and she loved to listen to Celtic music. All kinds of things that, she now knows, are against the will of Yahuah.

She is very grateful that Yahuah steered her life in a different direction before this experimentation could continue. (before she met Johan, she even planned to go to a Kabbalah meeting).

And then it happened - even without prayer! – that Naomi bought an apartment in Weesp, only 300 meters from Johan. In June 2018, Naomi and Johan met on a special and romantic evening as they both walked by the water. Johan was an fiery follower of Yahushua, led by the Holy Spirit, and this was very intense for Naomi at times. This gave Spiritual battle, but beyond that the relationship was very nice and special from the beginning.

Despite the struggle, they both have known from the beginning that Yahuah has put them together to work out His perfect plan through them. Therefore, as written in Romans 8:28, He made everything work for good in their marriage.
In 2019 they got married and, looking back, they laughingly say that they both cannot imagine being with someone else. Johan also mentions that there are 66 (!) answers to prayers in Naomi.
Praise Yahuah!! Naomi still is in the process of giving her entire life into the Hands of Yahushua.
She indicates that she would not have made it without Yahuah; not Spiritually, not emotionally and not physically. Together, Johan and Naomi are the executive power behind Calling from Yahuah and they are the foundation on which Yahuah has built His project. In addition to leading Calling from Yahuah, Johan has also been given the task of helping the right people who get stuck in their lives. The intention is to train these souls to give their entire lives to Yahuah.
Naomi also has received a call from Yahuah to help sick people and to support them with healthy food, as written in Genesis 1:29.
As a couple, they fulfill the Biblical tasks of healing, deliverance and redemption on all three levels: spiritual, physical and emotional. More information and free help can be found on the “Counseling” page.

Start of Shalom family:

After Johan and Naomi met in 2018, the Holy Spirit told Johan that the task of supporting Shalom family in Rwanda would be given to Naomi. At that time Joseph, the leader of the family, already had 7 children that he was taking care of.
The family now has grown to 260 children from 3 to 20 years old.
* all 260 children have accepted Yahushua as their Savior and King.


Yahuah's Plan in Norway:

In May 2020, Johan got another vision from Yahuah. In the same month, more than 30 confirmations from Yahuah later, Johan and Naomi were sure that He was sending them to Norway. In October 2020, the vision turned out to be the view from the backyard of their rental home in Norway.
They sold their apartment in Weesp, after which they largely used the surplus value for Calling from Yahuah. This allowed them to rent houses and school buildings in Rwanda to keep the children safe and close together.
In addition, they have also started to rent millions of square meters of land to grow potatoes, rice, sorghum, bananas, beans and other types of food.
And then, in June 2021, the moment came when Johan and Naomi had an empty bank account.
After days of prayer, Johan received the special message from the Holy Spirit that the information about Calling From Yahuah (then Calling From God) could be made public.
From then on, everyone would have the opportunity to support Calling from Yahuah.
Before that, hardly anyone knew about it and the couple gave everything they had to the hungry and (almost) dying children. The help of others was minimal. If you want to help too, check out the “Donate” page.
Money is not the only thing we need. Never underestimate the power of prayer!

They see more and more people who support Calling From Yahuah and who, thereby, help the orphans and the street children.
This is a Biblical command, as God's Heart is with the orphans, the widows and the poor.

Johan and Naomi pray that Yahushua will connect them with the right people in order to improve the lives of the poor and lonely street children.

The focus now is on reaching people, churches, organizations and companies with a heart for children.

We as believers, followers of Yahushua, are the light and salt on this earth.

Where the world does not care for them, Yahuah entrusts us with the street children.

We can change this selfish, evil world.

We are completely different. We must not expect it from a government and from false organizations; this is our problem and we must change it.

That is also in the bible. Yahushua is still the same (Hebrews 13.8)

Now all the children in the 2 families are our brothers and sisters and they are also disciples of Yahushua.


At Calling from Yahuah, we believe that it is important that all parties involved gain insight into financial matters. The Father willing, updates on all families, on the distribution of the gifts, and on the miracles Yahuah has done with them, will be shared bi-weekly. See the “Donate” page for more information.

Special Actions:

Sometimes, through the Holy Spirit, Johan and Naomi are given projects that deserve special attention. At the moment, for example, such a project is shipping a huge sea container with clothing for more than 2,000 half-naked children in Agape family. The camper that is promised to Johan and Naomi by Yahuah, so they can do His will throughout Norway, also falls into this category. For more information about and insight into the Father's will with the camper, we refer you to the page "Special Actions".


During the walk with Yahuah, testimonies are a daily gift for Johan and Naomi. Every day is wonderful with the Father and you never know what He has planned!
That is why testimonials regularly are shared on the “Testimonials” page.
We are grateful to Him for all His miracles and we believe that there will be many wonderful testimonies to come!

OUR GOAL ~ Is to save the right orphans and street children and to give them a new life in a safe home with Yahushua as their


Savior and Provider!!!

We thank Yahuah for your lives.
Be blessed to be a blessing!

With much love and God's Rich Blessings,

Team Calling from Yahuah



  • Audios from Johan & Naomi:    Audio


Here you will receive information about the families, about the new children, about their needs and about the division of the donations.





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3 months ago

ik bid en hoop dat er nog heel veel straat en weeskinderen gered zullen worden, zodat ze een veilige plaats mogen hebben, Yeshua mogen leren kennen en accepteren en dat ze geen honger hoeven hebben🙏🏼

Carina Meijer
3 months ago

Dear Father,

Thank You thank You thank You!!

For the wonderful creations of Johan and Naomi. And how You work through them and with them and how they have devoted themselves to be Your vessels and for working through them the way You do and using them for this amazing project of Yours!

I pray that Calling from Yahuah will be over the whole world and that all street children in the world are taken in by Calling from Yahuah, that they all accept Yeshua, are all saved, delivered and healed and that all the sleeping children are risen and that all children devote their lives to You completely!!

I thank you for sending Johan and Naomi and using them as vessels to save me from the dead at 30 Dec 2022. Being almost completely paralyzed and barely able to speak I knew I was going to die and prayed to You. Naomi called me just before I phoned the emergency room (even though I knew they couldn’t have helped me either - it was either death at home or in the hospital) and asked if she and Johan could pray for me, if I wanted that. I said yes. Best decision of my life! I heard Johan pray and it was as if I saw a dark cloud being lifted up from me. Next thing Johan asked me how I felt. I felt fine. Turned out I could walk, jump, dance, talk and SING!!! I spoke with them for 5 hours and accepted Yeshua and devoted my life to you Father. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!! (Another one, can I have multiple?)

Father, you are REAL. You are GOD. Yeshua is real and the Holy Spirit is real and you are guiding me soooo beautifully and lovingly and keeping me safe. Always.

I devote my life completely to You and I thank You for the amazing miracles You have done with the money I gave to Your Kingdom by giving it to Calling from Yahuah. I could not have thought of that spending myself as a human being.

Thank You for all that You are doing for the children, Calling from Yahuah, Johan and Naomi and for me.

I praise You and I love You.

Your beloved daughter, Carina

Gijs en Marieke de Peinder
8 months ago

Leiding HG
Hoe wist jé de bediening?

Sarah Sumbal
a year ago

Hallelujah Amen ❤️ Lord Jesus Christ Is With Both of you and children. God Loves those who loves His people. This is The Calling from The Lord Jesus Christ for lives of both of you to help poor, needy, orphans, street children and widows so, they can be Saved And Enter Into The Eternal Life. Hallelujah Amen ❤️ Lord Father knows your pure, sincere heart and how humbly and honestly both of you are doing His Work according to His Will and Purpose. Hallelujah Amen ❤️ I stand with both of you and children. I Pray that Lord Jesus Christ bring sincere and humble sponsors for This Work of The Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah Amen. It is not always easy to leave everything and Follow The Will Of The Lord Jesus Christ But Lord Has Put a Calling in our life and we all need to know that Calling Of God. Amen Hallelujah ❤️ Lord Jesus Christ Helps those who helps the poor, deserving, orphans and widows. Amen Hallelujah ❤️ The Holy Spirit Of The Lord Jesus Christ Is With both of you and children and He Will Bring Many Financial Sources and Great Blessings Amen Hallelujah. All Glory and Praise To The King Of kings Lord Of lords and Only True Living God Our Lord Jesus Christ Amen Hallelujah ❤️

Loketo geraldo
a year ago

We are in prayer for more of his presidency to bring the right people to the work of God...

Glory to God for what is going ...we are to obey and submit to what God is calling us on to do.....

We pray for more of the breakthrough
Ophan ,widows, poor, street kids and more jesy Name.

Joel Sauveur Niko
a year ago

Hello there my friend
God bless you to be a blessing to others.
I love how you work with your family and friends.
Let us move on

a year ago

Hebben jullie misschien een Nederlands talige website?

2 years ago

Heel mooi!!

Helena hendriks
2 years ago

Heel mooi gemaakt Broer en Zus

2 years ago

Wat fijn dat er mensen zijn die zich bekommeren om de weeskinderen in Afrika. Ik heb veel respect voor jullie en we bidden veel voor jullie!

Rose Pedersen
2 years ago

Wat ontzettend mooi dat jullie echt alles hebben gegeven om arme kinderen te helpen. Ik vind dat zo bijzonder, en inspirerend❤ Moge God jullie rijkelijk zegenen🙏

2 years ago

Heel mooi wat jullie doen!

Elisabeth Scheider
2 years ago

Heel fijn en bijzonder wat jullie doen! May God bless this mission and keep you all safe ♥️

Delia nap
2 years ago

God zegent jullie

2 years ago

Lieve mensen,

Heel mooi om te zien met hoeveel passie, bewogenheid en liefde jullie je inzetten voor al de kinderen. ❤️

Dit is God's Vader hart : Zuivere en onbevlekte godsdienst voor God, de Vader is: omzien naar wezen en weduwen (Jakobus 1:27)

Wij wensen jullie, de projecten en de kinderen Gods rijke zegen en liefde toe! ❤️