Dear Friends of CFG,

This is your chance to save the lives of thousands and even millions of children.

From the start of the calling in December 2017 the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ told me never to ask for money or donations.

Since 2018, when my wife joined, it has been possible to support more children in Agape Family in Rwanda and later Shalom Family in Rwanda was added as well. 

In 2020 we sold our appartment and rented many houses and grounds to keep the children alive.

Since June 2021 we have been allowed to receive gifts and that is the reason for offering you this chance.

You can be a weekly sponsor to bless the Families with Daily Food.

The 2 Families are selfsufficient.

They grow their own food and they have a rainwater collector.


Supporting the Orphans and Street children in Rwanda.

Because of bad weather conditions the last months much Harvest was destroyed.

Last October 2021 there was a lack of food and the children could only eat 1 time a week.

We received a big donation and we start to buy much seeds to bring more food on the table for the children.

By renting grounds with Harvest like Bean's, Potatoes and Bananas the children can now eat 4 times a week. 

More and more streetchildren are coming to Agape Family because of the rough weather and many orphanages are closed because lack of sponsors.

We heard very sad stories from the children about their streetlife and hardships in orphanages.

We are so blessed to help Agape Family to give those poor and sad children a new life with Christ and food on their plate!!!

Thank you for your heart for the children, God Will bless you for your prayers and donations.


Ways to Support and Help the Children in CFY:

Your prayers are always needed.

By sharing this website and our messages online.

Telling about CFY in church, school, sportclub, workplace.

There are many ways to collect money for our children.


The gifts from 13.09 till 28.09.2023


Dear friend/brother or sister of CFY,

Hereby we share the EXTENDED
update on the distribution of donations from.         13.09 to 28.09

Currently with 3,048 children.

As you know, for a long time we have prayed to be able to sow ground no.15.  That miracle happened this weekπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™

Our Heavenly Father "Yahuah" , with His Holy Spirit, softened the hearts of the seed sellers, which made them willing to bless Agape Family with a loan of 2,400 kg of beans.

On 15.09, Johan sent an amount to Jean-Pierre, so that Agape Family could start sowing the 2500kg of beans (100kg free).
Jean Pierre sowed ground nr. 15 together with 126 young people aged 17 to 25.

We now pray for a supernaturally great harvest.
Will you pray with us?

On 20.09 all the food again was finished in Agape Family.
The beans gave the children more strength, but it still was not enough, so it was time for a new food plan.

The following now is applied in Agape Family:

700 kg of rice and 700 kg of beans. This lasts 9 days, of which they can eat 5.
The children now only eat a portion of 46 grams of rice with 46 grams of beans once every two days.

That just is enough to keep the children alive.
It is so sad that children are hungry/dying, while so much money is invested into (church) buildings/evangelism😒
Where did it go wrong?
It clearly is stated everywhere in the Bible.

We, as CFY, do what we can and we believe that each person will stand before Yahuah personally and that he/she will be judged by his/her stewardship.

We also ran out of soap bars, which are desperately needed to ensure hygiene and therefore the health of the children.
That is why Jean Pierre went to the drugstore to pay the last part of the outstanding bill.
He then received another 480 bars of soap on credit.

The soap bars are used to:
•Keep the 9 buildings clean.
•Keep the toilets and showers clean
• Wash the cooking pots and plates.
•Wash the clothes.

For all this they need about 300 pieces of soap per month.

On 25.09 Yahuah again answered our prayers and a miracle happened.
The very mean landowners of land no. 11 urgently needed money and that was the moment for Johan and Jean Pierre to firmly and aggressively negotiate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The negotiations were completed within 2 hours and the price of the land dropped from RWF 1,015,951 to RWF 720,000 to RWF 600,000 to RWF 500,000. The land then immediately was registered in the name of CFY / Agape Family.
This spiritual battle started in April and is now over.

Now the battle still is going for the last piece of forest, namely number 17πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™

As you know, land prices have skyrocketed due to the floods in Eastern Rwanda.
But Johan and Naomi regularly received Exodus 14.14.

Exodus   14:14   NLT
The Lord will fight for you, you don't even have to lift a finger against them!”

Let this be an encouragement to anyone who reads this report.

Shalom Family in Rwanda πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ό
Currently with 200 children.

The family purchased the seeds on 16.09, so that they again can live self-sufficiently in the future.

100 kg Cassava
100 kg of seed potatoes
20kg of beans
10kg Corn

This was the update for those who care about us and the children😘

Thank you for your prayers and for supporting CFY so that we can keep the children alive.

Keep sharing our info;  it really worksπŸ’ͺπŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ

Pray and ask what you can do for CFY πŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™

NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28
Children in Rwanda.

Johannes R.S.  Langenberg
Bank account: 1227 02 29385
Children Rwanda.

The donations will be used to purchase rice and beans for the children in Agape Family, among other things.





For Agape Family in Rwanda:

Protection and provision of the 3048 children.

•Paying off all the credits

•Continue to sow all plots of land so that the 3048 children have and keep enough daily food.

• We also continue to pray that the container full of clothes, beds and mattresses may finally go to Agape Family.

Glory to Our Heavenly Father who arranges everything within CFYπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™.

For Shalom Family:

Protection for the 200 children and the house due to the bad weather, the grounds were under water and harvest is destroyed.

That the harvests are protected from the floods.

We thank the Lord Jesus Christ / Yeshua for all of you😘.
All children are praying for all of you and they are immensely grateful to the intercessors and givers.

We always pass on all the names of CFY's friends to the children.
We also expect their prayers to bless you in your needsπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™.

We see and hear that the Lord works miracles through the prayers of the childrenπŸ™πŸ”₯πŸ™

Will you join us in praying for all of the above and for the well-being of the children?

All donations, large and small, are more than welcome. If you can't give anything, no problem, keep praying for us and please share all our posts.

The Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ will then point out and touch the right people to be a blessing to CFG.

God's Rich Blessings on all of us.

Thanks for sharing our info.


We use the donations for:

The donations, this time, will be used to buy RICE.

Later we will pay off the current credits properly.

We see that the retailers trust us because they offer CFY more credits.

These are the current credits:

•Cleaning & hygiene items
•1 piece of ground left : 17
• Jules: 4003 drinking cups, 80 large buckets

• bill of the seeds

Current opportunities to support us are:



Johannes R.S. Langenberg
Bankkonto: 1227 02 29385
Children Rwanda

The Netherlands:
NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28
The street children in Rwanda

The gifts will be used to pay off the current credits.


WISE πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

We have many testimonies about Gods Goodness as our Heavenly Father.


By wire transfer:


J.R.S. Langenberg

NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28.


Subject: "Helping the street children"


Johannes R.S. Langenberg
Bankkonto: 1227 02 29385
Children Rwanda






By Wise:



Thank You For Giving To The Lord ..from Ray Boltz