Financial Report Short ( 15.11 - 12.12 ) Update 4

Published on 19 December 2023 at 15:13

Dear friend/brother or sister of CFY,

It took a while, but here we are again sharing our SHORT
update on the distribution of donations from 15.11 to 12.12


Currently with 3,048 children.

On 20.11 Johan sent a gift to Jean Pierre, which he used to pay part of the outstanding bill at the Seed Sellers.

After 2.5 years of praying and waiting, we finally received a family inheritance on the 24th:
A very big miracle that we can bless Agapé Family with🙏


The following payments were possible with this money:

On 24.11 Johan sent money to Jean Pierre again;  this time to pay the remaining amount of the credit with the Seed Sellers.
Plus a bit of credit at the drugstore.

On 27.11 it was possible to fully pay off the credits at the drugstore and at Jules.
50 packages of sanitary towels were purchased as well.
Now Agape Family is completely credit free, what a miracle from our Heavenly Father Yahuah.

On 01.12 Johan again sent money to Jean Pierre. This time to install electricity in Agape Family.
The 9 buildings, the kitchen and the outdoor area now are equipped with lighting and with 132 sockets.

On 07.12 Johan sent money to Jean Pierre to sow the ground with 600 kg of potatoes and 900 kg of beans.



With  200 Children.

On 15.11 Johan sent a gift to Joseph to buy the monthly groceries for Shalom Family.

100 kg Rice
100 kg Corn
20.  kg Beans
1.5 liters of oil

And today, 12.12, Johan sent another gift to Joseph for the groceries that will last them another 4 weeks.

This was the SHORT update for those who care about us and about the children😘

Keep sharing our info;  it really works💪🔥💪

What gifts and talents do you want to use for CFY?

You too can contribute to creating a better life for these children.

We never give up until we finish our Calling here on this temporary earth!!! 

NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28
Children in Rwanda.


Johannes R.S.
Bankkonto: 1227 02 29385
Barn i Rwanda

Calling From Yahuah Norway
830 486 402

Go Fund Me:
Keep sharing this🙏🔥🙏

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