Financial Report Short January and February

Published on 7 March 2024 at 18:45

Dear friend/brother or sister of CFY,


Again it took a while. This time it was because Johan and Naomi travelled to the Netherlands!

But here we are again sharing our SHORT update on the distribution of donations from 10.1 to 29.2.



Currently with 3,048 children.


On 19.1 a gift was sent to Jean Pierre for the seeds. With this gift Jean Pierre had been able to
buy the following seeds:

- 1,560 kg potatoes

- 1,080 kg beans

As usual we prayed for free transport and extra free beans and potatoes.
Our Heavenly Father Yahuah again answered our prayers. He provided us with free transport as well as
60 kg seed potatoes and 100 kg beans for free!


On 5.2 Johan sent a gift to Jean Pierre to purchase the seeds. Jean Pierre purchased:

- 2,600 kg potatoes

- 1,800 kg beans

- 690 kg cassava

After prayer our Heavenly Father again provided us with free transport and an additional 200 kg of free
seeds for beans. Praise Him!


On 8.2 Jean Pierre received a gift with which was bought:

- 300 bars of soap

- 320 packets of menstrual pads


On 16.2 Johan sent a gift to Jean Pierre with which he bought the following seeds:

- 2,140 kg potatoes

- 1,300 kg beans

- 690 kg cassava

Also with the purchasing of all the seeds, we received 120 kg beans and 60 kg potatoes for free
and of course free transport again! Praise our Heavenly Father Yahuah!




Currently with 200 children.


On 20.2 Johan sent the monthly gift for Shalom Family to Joseph. Joseph bought the following with the gift:

- 100 kg rice

- 193 kg Irish potatoes

- Salt

- Transport

The shop owner provided us with 5 bars of soap for free as well as 7 kg Irish potatoes!
Praise be to our Heavenly Father Yahuah!



You can send your donation through one of the following options



The Netherlands:


J.R.S. Langenberg
NL 49 ASNB 0708 1666 28.


Johannes R.S. Langenberg
Bankkonto: 1227 02 29385

Organisation number Norway: 830 486 402



You can use one of the two subjects when transferring donation:

  • Shipping the container Rwanda
  • The MAN camper


Sponsor the container for Rwanda on Gofundme
Sponsor our house on wheels on Gofundme



Sponsor via Paypal
Sponsor via WISE


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